little kid in the vertramp photo tobias plass

A Little kid skated in the botton of the Vertramp, i just liked the way this little guy made the ramp look so massive.

frontside grind on railing photo Tobias Plass

Rasmus - Frontside grinding the Flatbar in a Scott Oster style!!!

Frontside Feeble Photo Tobias Plass

Mathias - Frontside Feeble on One of the tigny Ramps.

Frontside feeble fælledparken photo Tobias Plass

Mads - Kickflip 50 - 50 while the out of focus guy in the front, was playing his Ukulele.

Backside Tailslide - Fælledparken 2013

Backside tailslide - this made clean, but he attempted to make it Big spin out. But sadly didn´t make it while i was shooting.

friends photo tobias plass

Friends chilling in Fælledparken.

tobias plass